It may be hard to imagine that the keel of the company C.T. Drent Beheer B.V. is laid due to the purchase of an inland barge of only 360 tonnes. In March 1969 Mr. and Mrs. Drent bought their first Morgenstond. It was a so-called “spits” of only 38 meters length and they sailed through the narrow inland waters of the North of France together with their two sons, Tonnis and Peter.
In the course of years barges were replaced by bigger and more modern ones. Finally the last inland waterway vessel were purchased at the shipyard Bodewes in Hoogezand in 1979.

At May 16,1984 the first sea-going Morgenstond was launched and with it the company stood out to sea. In the beginning the sailing area of this sea river vessel of 1586 tonnes was mainly the Danish waters and German rivers. Later on the ship proved herself by expanding her sailing area to the rest of West-Europe as a reliable vessel.

In the meanwhile the sons grew up and the Drent-family increased by marriage. It was time to built a second vessel. The Morgenstond II made her maiden trip in November 1990. This sea river ship of 3030 tonnes made remarkable trips, among others: from Krefeld on the German Rhine and crossing the Atlantic Ocean to New Foundland. A giant voyage for us that time…



nNrZWjaThe first sea river vessel Morgenstond was sold in 1992 and a new Morgenstond I was launched in March 1993. In the meantime our (grand)children, Christian and Marlies were born. Both children joined the vessels as the youngest crew. 
The Morgenstond I was 4292 tonnes and 89 meter length. Timber products such as paper rolls, cellulose and woodchips were her favourite cargoes. In June 1999 the vessel’s name changed into Baltic Tara by request of the Time-Charterer Baltic Ireland Line. 

We enjoyed the combination of inland shipping and sea shipping. However time changed and the company realized that growth was necessary. There was need of more tonnage space, more flexible stowage possibilities and more speed. Therefore the Morgenstond II was to be replaced by a new Morgenstond II in 1997. The first vessel of the Drent Company with a fixed accommodation, tween decks and ice-class A1. This ship of 5425 tons was highly suitable to carry timber-products and bulk as well, even during the icy winters in the Baltic sea area. During this change of vessels the birth of Floris and Alexander completed the family Drent. 
Only three years later, the m.v. Morgenstond III was launched in Leer, Germany. The third vessel of the Drent fleet contained a loading capacity of 6337 tonnes. 

After a couple of years successful sailing in the Baltic, Western Europe and adjacent areas the Company decided to develop her capacity and altered course. The three Morgenstonds were sold and replaced by two multipurpose vessels of 12000 ton, each equipped with own loading gear. 

These present ships of C.T. Drent Beheer B.V. were initial called Morgenstond I and II and after several name changes now named back to Morgenstond I and II. Ship’s names may change but to our family it will remain Morgenstond, just like the first barge of 360 tonnes of more than forty years ago. When nobody could imagine that many Morgenstonds would follow.